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Bloody Bloody Period Pads. Me when I'm not on my period: yea it sucks but I mean whatever,, i'm used to them ya. . When your pad moves to the wrong place .<p> <b>Ben:</b> *finds scar on his leg* Why am I bleeding?<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, I ask myself that a lot.<p/><b>Ben:</b> Oh. *still unaware*<p/><b>Allie:</b> . Find and follow posts tagged pads on Tumblr.Find and follow posts tagged sanitary pad on Tumblr.Find and follow posts tagged maxi pad on Tumblr.Feb 2, 2016 . This is my tumblr and its all about Always Ultra pads. There are pictures of used ones and also other period pad related stuff! Hope you´ll enjoy . Apr 27, 2015 . This is my personal experience with cloth pads that truly left me pain free during my periods. It still blows my mind every month. If you have . Oct 22, 2015 . 21 Pictures People Who've Never Had A Period Won't Understand. . 15. And the adjusting you have to do when your pad gets out of place.A blog about periods and everything menstruation related. Submissions encouraged!. Reblogged 1 week ago from secretpaddict. 12 notes. Tagged: this is so  how am i supposed to be thankful when my period comes on thanksgiving a day) and my pad had barely anything in it. so i realized the blood had missed the  .

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