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Nevertheless, there still seems to be some debate about what you may or may not eat on Passover. Let me see if I can clarify this for you (or complicate your . Food Restrictions on Passover Explained: Chametz and Kitniyot. Can We Eat Beans, Rice, Corn, and Peas on Passover? By: Rabbi Eric Berk (with Rabbi Paul  . The Ashkenazi Jew does not eat rice or legumes, where as the S'fardi Jew does. Therefore it is very difficult for an Ashkenazi Jew to visit and dine by his S'fardi . These items, known commonly as rice, corn, millet and legumes, have been banned for centuries by. Here is a list of foods you can eat during Passover:.Apr 21, 2016 . But for some Jews, 2016 marks the first time in 800 years that they will be allowed to eat foods like rice and beans during Passover. Since the . Furthermore, the Gemara addresses the question of whether one may fulfill the Misva of Masa by eating bread made from rice. The Gemara rules that one does . Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern European origin do not eat vegetables such as beans, rice, corn, and peas because they can be ground into a kind of flour and . … sages banned the eating of legumes, such as corn and rice, on Passover, because their. What other vegetables are allowed is there a list that I can follow.This includes (but is not limited to): rice, corn, soybeans, stringbeans, peas,. So following the sages doesn't explain why we can eat tomatoes and can't eat . Apr 23, 2016 . And by tradition, Ashkenazi Jews don't eat legumes, rice, seeds and corn on Passover. As Rabbi Amy Levin tells NPR's Scott Simon, the .

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