How to pick tsa003 a lock

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Sep 10, 2012 . I understand that these locks are not obviously any form of serious. I honestly think that you could open all of the TSA lock models with very . Apr 3, 2015 . In this video I make a key for a TSA007 lock on a travel lock with only two paperclips bent into the correct shape with needle nose pliers. The locks allow TSA staff to open baggage at random to view the contents. You can set a unique three- or four-digit code for the locks. TSA staff has access to a . Jun 28, 2012 . The 3-Dial TSA Lock & Cable cable/d/1075_c_315 For more information on the 3-Dial TSA Lock & Cable visit ht. If you are taking about breaking the lock so that it fails and the bag is open, I would call a luggage shop where they likely have a method or call .

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