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Call to report gas leaks. If you smell the rotten egg odor of natural gas. View more. View more. We are pleased to announce that Central Florida Gas (CFG) and Florida Public. Public Utilities a. Then receive your rebate by mail (allow six weeks for processing) and enjoy! Online Application For. Florida Public Utilities (FPU) provides natural gas, electricity and propane service to residential. Aug 5, 2013 . Utility, Hdqtrs. Top Executive, Florida Service Area, Power natural gas: 49%, 6. Investor-owned utility company providing electric power throughout Florida, a national provider of. TO APPLY for the Category I LP Gas Dealer (0601) license, fill this form out completely( PRINT. …TO APPLY for the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Installer C (0408) license, fill this. Company Mailing.


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