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Sep 14, 2010 . That page supports a right click context menu which is missing from. With a little help from Patrick, I was able to add a context menu to a tree region I was working on. . <img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#delete.gif" onclick="apex.Mar 20, 2012 . A beautiful apex dynamic action plugin created using http://www.abeautifulsite. net/blog/2008/09/jquery-context-menu-plugin/ that adds the . … Drag & Drop Reordering Support; Tree Label Editing; Checkbox Nodes with state saving using an existing APEX item; Context Menu Support (from a single . Hello all, I am trying to use the context menu plugin integrated in the Apex 5 treeview library or at least to select programmatically an item of the.Things have changed in Apex 5 and I'm not able to get the context. I have 2 more Context Menu Click Events within the tree region, New . Sep 7, 2016 . Posts about Oracle Application Express (Apex) written by Christoph Ruepprich.. Right click the node and select Test from the context menu.. .. In the Tree Attributes page you can then set the Selected Node Page Item to that . Floatable Menu Tree. Deluxe Tree is cross-frame and cross-browser DHTML Javascript tree menu with a lot of powerful features, flexible parameters and easy  . May 30, 2014 . I would like to construct the tree view using the JSON with Two object(Account. DynaTree, 'jquery/jquery-ui.custom.js' )}" /> <apex:includeScript. The following context menu settings will create view, delete, and edit options.Jul 13, 2015 . As the event name suggests this is a context menu and the thing about of things (they could be in an interactive report, a list, a tree etc.) . Jan 3, 2011 . An APEX region plugin that allows you to create an iPod or Fly Out style menu.


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