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Ephesians was written by Paul approx. 61-63 A.D. This epistle was not written to a specific church and could be themed 'The Church, The Fullness of Christ'.Studies on the Apostle Paul and his writings: letters and epistles.The Book of Ephesians Purpose and Outlines shows why Paul wrote this epistle and how he developed his messsage.Jun 28, 2004 . I. Introduction A. The Author Except for the pastorals, Ephesians has the worst credentials for authenticity, in critical circles, among all of Paul's . ..Notes & Outlines. (2) Tychicus from Ephesus (Ephesians 6:21) had the Epistle to. In EPHESIANS, Christ is exalted above all things, God having “put all things  . Ephesians Bible study outline—contents by chapter and verse. Joint heirs with Christ, old and new personality. Advice for husbands, wives, TEENren, parents.

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