A letter to my daughter at high school graduations

An inspiring 'letter to my daughter' on her high school graduation. Warm, touching , and real feelings of a divorced Dad.Jan 20, 2016 . Dear Katie,. Graduation Day at last! Congratulations! Bravo! Well done! Hurrah! I' m so filled with love and pride right now I'm about to burst.Sep 21, 2015 . Feel like you're getting old? This mom reflects on her daughter graduating high school, moving on to the next chapter in her life. Behind the . May 5, 2015 . Mom and dad's letter to their daughter on her graduation. So it's with all the love in my heart that I share with you some of the advice she gave . May 2, 2016 . An Open Letter to the Parent Crying at Graduation (From a mom who. When my daughter entered her senior year of high school a few years . A Father's Graduation Letter to His Daughter. Cynthia, first of all, congratulations on completing your high school education! a few things that I have found of great help and perhaps could have done more of during certain parts of my life:.Jun 2, 2016 . Our daughter is participating in her high school graduation tomorrow and I thought it might be good to put my thoughts down in a father's letter . Jun 3, 2011 . My daughter is graduating High School in few days and I wanted to share a letter my wife wrote to her. I could never write something as . My wish for all the high school graduates and college graduates! :) Since I can't share it with one this year, I'll hold onto it for another. This was my song to my . Jun 27, 2011 . My daughter is graduating high school today. This is a huge moment in life — probably more for her than for me, although I'm not sure — and .

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