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Hi guys, you guys know us here are either psych dq or psych review. I have started this thread so we can help each other pass info OK. First of . I was put on review but, when I was informed of this by my BI, Lefrak's psych unit already scheduled me to see another shrink a few weeks later . Sep 23, 2015 . a candidate can be psychologically (psych) disqualified for the NYPD. When the records are received they will review them and determine if . It is the goal of the NYPD to hire only the most qualified candidates available. The or records and may place a candidate on medical review: • Diabetes- . MEET WITH INVESTIGATOR; REVIEW APPLICATION BOOKLET; SUPPLY DOCUMENTS; ADDRESS PROBLEMS AND DISCREPANCIES. Possible Problems:.Jun 10, 2006 . All of this stuff, I told my investigator, And I have been a NYPD Cop for 7 years now, and. I am now 33 with a bachelors in psych and a decent work history. all was fine until i. I did so and was told i am placed on hold/ review.Apr 10, 2007 . I took the NYPD Oral Psych the other day and was put on review for documents, the testor said that she could not make a decision because she . For me, my oral psych screwed me up and the NYPD turned me. . Look up the complaints registered with the Civilian Complaint Review Board . Hey everyone I am 21 years old and have taken the NYPD exam about 3 years ago.. I took the NYPD Oral Psych the other day and was put on review for . I was up-to date with everything until 2 days ago when I took my Oral psych and was told today that I'm on Review! Very upset at this point.

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