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May 30, 2015 . One question I've seen a number of times (including the Cinemasins video on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) is why the potion “Felix. Jan 12, 2012 . As we know Harry consumed some Felix Felicis(Luck Potion) while going to Slughorn to extract his untampered memory of. harry-potter . Aug 13, 2013 . Harry Potter and the Luck Potion. By: Spiny Norman. How does this "Liquid Luck" (felix felicis) work, and why don't we see (or use) more of it? Aug 31, 2010 . The first potions class with Professor Slughorn. Harry finds the half blood prince's book and wins the felix felicis. I do not own the audio or video. Apr 5, 2012 . "It's liquid luck. It makes you lucky!" - Hermione Granger For More Pictures & Detailed Instructions: . This is a list of potions used in the Harry Potter series. Many are mentioned in potions class at. Liquid Luck is one of the hardest potions to make, as noted by Horace Slughorn; "It has to. "Mine own invention, my masterpiece; the crowning achievement of my career. Bottled good fortune. Brewed correctly the drinker of this potion will be lucky in all  . Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter - Magic. Felix Felicis. Type, Potion. Features, makes the drinker extremely lucky. First Appearance, Harry Potter and the Half . Mar 8, 2011 . Potions Class - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [HD] - Duration: 1:53. Harry Potter 408,139 views · 1:53 · Harry Potter and the Half-Blood .

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