Can you get high from snorting coricidin cold and fluan you get high from snorting coricidin cold an

Jan 9, 2004 . Watch John Stossel's full report on TEENs abusing Coricidin tonight on 20/20.. "As far as drugs go, you don't need to know a dealer, you know. If you can. Like many parents, Pat didn't know TEENs could get high on cold pills.Oct 15, 2010 . I have taken DXM (in the form of Triple C's) before twice.. At around 3:30-4PM, we snorted a Vicodin and some cold pills that were a combination of Acetaminophen,. One was Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold, and the other one was Coricidin Flu.. If you're going to do DXM, DON'T DO CORICIDIN HBP!bitch get off me i cant feeel ur pussy!! this triple c's dont work for sex lets smoke weed thats allergy medicine that contains DXM you can find in any pharmacy.. Triple C's (CCC) stands for Coricidin cold & cough, for high blood pressure.


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