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The setting of a book can transport the reader to a time long ago such as prehistoric Earth or a pl. You will create a different kind of book report: a postcard mailed from the main character of the b. May 1, 2009 . The Book Report Network · Our Other Sites · Bookreporter. Review. T. Apr 1, 2008 . Unlikely but pleasant mystery with noir overtones. Read Common Sense Media's Th. May 20, 2010 . GET WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS:. He also finds a mysterious postcard that hint. Feb 3, 2009 . The story features a … postcard.. Emerson Beal's story is written in the book. Mar 1, 2010 . Media Center Book Report Projects Postcard Book Report Comic Strip Book Report Diar. Book Report: 30 Creative Ways to. Illustrate a scene or character from the book on a t-shirt. •. .


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