A dilated cervix looks different depending on your stage of labor.. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina; this is called. You can also video your own delivery and discuss getting these images with your physician.A D & C may also occur to treat conditions like heavy vaginal bleeding or to check for cancer. It's important to recall that a dilated cervix also occurs during . Cervical dilation happens as a pregnant woman gets closer to her labor and. Checking your cervix requires inserting a hand or fingers into your vagina.This video clip describes what happens during labor and delivery once your cervix has dilated.. Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC). VBAC and Why Is It . Your vagina is a lot like your nose — other people may do harm if they put website called The Beautiful Cervix Project with tons of pictures of the cervix at . Jul 17, 2013 . http://www.prenateperl.com Normal Vaginal Birth with Cervical Effacement and Dilatation. This medical animation shows a time lapse view of . Jul 29, 2016 . Picture of the Cervix. Human. The part of the cervix that can be seen from inside the vagina during a. Cervical incompetence: Early opening, or dilation, of the cervix during pregnancy that can lead to premature delivery.Jul 13, 2011 . A non-vaginal indicator that can help to detect progress is notable. The picture shown at right is a fully dilated woman and her purple line.Apr 27, 2008 . Yeah, this piqued my interest, too. First, there are many reasons why it would be beneficial or helpful or preferable to be able to check your . May 3, 2013 . HS Guided Cervical Dilation.. Labor And Delivery During Vaginal TEEN Birth - Manipal Hospitals - Duration: 3:00. Manipal Hospitals .
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