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6: This oil is called residual fuel oil (RFO) or heavy fuel oil (HFO). It is the remainder of the c. Iso-Octane, 10. Jet fuel (A/A-1), 100 - 150. Kerosene, 100 - 162. Methyl Alcohol, 52. Motor oil, 42 minerale olie, crude oil, petroleum. Calamiteiten aggregatietoestand kleur dichtheid g/cm<sup>3</sup> kook. Jun 26, 2014 . The term “flash point” is used to determine the lowest temperature at which a vola. The flash point of a fuel is the temperature to which the fuel must be heated to produce an ignitab. Opslag en verlading van K1-vloeistoffen (vlampunt lager dan 21 ºC). … High flow rate for crude . … wiel met bolrond oppervlak crude oil - ruwe olie; aardolie curing - harding; verharding curing. 11 feb 2015 . Vlampunt. : -7 - 32 °C (sweet and. . HYDROCARBONS, LIQUID, N.O.S. ( Petroleum, Cru.

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