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Flipkart is an electronic commerce company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.. . In early July 2014, it was also highly speculated that Flipkart was in negotiations to raise at least $500 mill. Description - Create and update listing attributes such as stock, price, and procurement SLA for multiple SKUs. A maximum of 10 listings can be updated.The Listing APIs enable a seller to use the Listing ID or SKU ID to check and update attributes such as MRP, selling price, stock count, shipping fee (local, zonal, . The Flipkart scheduler picks up the input file every 1 hour from each of these accounts and releases 2 outputs, one with the passed listings and one with the . GO TO. Getting Started. Pricing and Payments. Listings and Catalog. Order Management and Shipping. Returns and Seller Protection . The Flipkart scheduler picks up the input file every 1 hour from each account and releases two files in the output folder - one with the passed listing and another . A seller can create a new product listing with the required attributes or identify an existing product from the product catalog in the Marketplace, to start selling.With Flipkart's Product Listing Ads, sellers can target the right customer and gain higher visibility for their products. Unlock great sales opportunities with PLA . Jun 6, 2013 . This video will give registered sellers complete understanding on selling their product online with ease. Visit and start . listingId, Flipkart internal identifier for a list corresponding to a skuId. skuId, The seller SKU listing_status, Allows sellers to control their listing status. Permitted  .


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