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5 SOS Preferences (You catch him cheating on you with your best friend) Part 1 Send me requests. Pa. 5 seconds of summer preferences. All of our 4 Aussies. ✌️5SOS Preference #57: He cheats/You cheat if i get enough requests for part two, i might do it? xx m. Preference #6 Cheating Thank you to the anon who requested! Summary: You catch him cheating and he. May 13, 2014 . 'Michael Openly Cheats' PART 2 requested by know what I expected to hap. He cheats - 5sos 4/4 (His pov) Luke: I watched as Y/N stood up while I sat down on the sofa, lookin. Preference: He cheated on you (5sos). Ashton: You've already heard rumors about Ashton and anot. 5SOS Preference: You Cheat With Another Member Of The Band (Muke). Luke: It was the biggest mistake.


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